On Thursday 16th February I attended a Therapeutic Alliance Group meeting regarding working with eating disorders. 

Working with eating disorders can be incredibly challenging, with many therapists often feeling like they are not well equipped to identify or respond to them. The workshop helped increase knowledge, awareness and understanding of eating disorders, and explored a number of factors, such as:

  • How to recognise an Eating Disorder (including diagnostic criteria)
  • Identifying helpful therapeutic approaches
  • Understanding physical risks associated with Eating Disorders & when Multi Disciplinary working and/or referral is indicated

The group meeting involved a guest talk from Nicola Forshaw, an engaging, knowledgable and compassionate speaker who has worked for over 6 years as a BACP accredited psychotherapist within an NHS Eating Disorder setting, Nicola’s specialist role involved working with individuals who had a dual diagnosis of Eating Disorder and Personality Disorder, and she undertook additional training as a Dialectical Behaviour Therapist during this time.  Nicola is well established in the field of Counselling Education, currently lecturing at Keele & Chester Universities on Counselling Psychology Masters’ Programmes.