Friday 13th May 2016 – Phil Hynes

Substance Misuse and Mental Health – Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis relates to the co-existence of mental health problems and the problematic use of drugs and/or alcohol. Mental health conditions can be exacerbated or bought on by substance misuse or conversely mental ill health can precipitate or lead to substance misuse; it can be very difficult to determine how the relationship between an individual’s mental health and substance misuse has developed. For many people, mental ill health and substance misuse combine with a range of other needs including poor physical health, insecure housing and criminal behaviour, which can make this group particularly vulnerable

Source: National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse, Public Health England (PHE)

Phil Hynes is an integrative counsellor and CBT practitioner who will be offering insights into working with clients who present with substance misuse. Phil will give examples of how he has worked with clients using various counselling models and strategies. He is a counselling tutor and for many years worked as both a counsellor and advisor for a social enterprise based in Liverpool and Birkenhead helping clients with substance misuse, criminality and housing and employment issues.  

The venue for the events is Hoylake Community Centre, The Parade, Hoylake, Wirral.  CH47 3AG. Please note that the meeting will take place in a first floor room and at present the centre has no lift (hopefully one will be installed for the July event).

The evenings start at 6.30pm with refreshments and networking, the guest speaker slot is from 7.00 to 9.15 with a 15 minute break. The evening will end at 9.30 with the final 15 minutes being  available for information sharing.

An attendance certificate will be issued to all attendees. There are 30 places available for the workshop and they will be allocated on a strictly first come basis. The cost is £30, an Early Bird rate of £25 will apply to bookings made before the end of April 2016. Please contact me by phone or email to book your place.